image We all pray for Mihael

Get better Mihael Schumaher

I was so lucky to have the opportunity to photograph Michael Schumaher just before the Bahrain F1 Grand Prix some years back. This is my only moment I was so close to this legend and will keep this photograph of him forever. I was so excited! Me and all my friends were watching his races and were happy for his wins. For me, he is like somebody from other planet: so strong, so determined, powerful and unbeatable.

In the last days we all pray and hope for him to get better from the ski accident! You can win this battle too!


Picture 070

Имах щастието да хвана в обектива си великия Майкъл Шумахер преди няколко години в Бахрейн. Бях много развълнувана! Пожелаваме му скорошно оздравяване и да спечели и тази битка!


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