image Girl in Nepal

This is a different story. Different than all the rest. This is a story about a beautiful small girl, with black hair and so strong eyes, that once you look in them, you can never forget them. While I was on my trip in Nepal and was walking in a small mountain village I saw this small charming lady and could not resist to capture her with my camera. Her father gave me the permission and I immediately took out my camera. I regret that I never asked what her name was.

The village was very poor, and somehow you feel out of this world and landed on a different planet. The children were poor, not so clean, and most of them not educated… But all of them were so beautiful and smiling so charming that once you leave the place you always remember them and think – how can I help?

This small beauty had so much determination and power in her eyes, and even that small, she was helping her father with the work in the house. Some years have passed since my trip in Nepal, but I still recall her eyes, and looking at this photo, I am becoming very emotional.

This is why, today on the 01 June – the International Children’s Day, I wanted to share this photo also with you. Because I think we should not forget these children, and also help them as much as we can so they can live healthy live and have access to education too.

This month you can expect my blog posts from my trip to Nepal.




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