gallery Glojenski Monastery

The Monastery is very close to Glojene village and 12 km from Teteven, Bulgaria. It is situated very high in the mountains at 1073 m, and you need to pass by a narrow one way road before you reach it. The monastery was build in the beginning of XIII century on an old Roman fortress.

The architecture of the building is similar to the monasteries situated in Athon, Greece.

The old church in the monastery was build in XVI century. There you can see a copy of the old icon of Saint George. In fact this icon is from Ukraine and dates back to XVIII century.

From Glojenski Monastery you can see the most beautiful view than from any other Bulgarian monastery. Green lush mountains are down in your feet, and the air is so fresh and clean, that makes you forget all the daily stress from the big city.

If you visit Bulgaria, do not miss this magical place hidden in the high mountains!




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