gallery Bojencite

In this story I will not take you to a modern, fast paced and shiny city with a lot of skyscrapers… I will take you to a small, beautiful and green village where history has stopped long time ago and it keeps all its charm of quite, clean and historical place.

Bojencite is a small magical village in Bulgaria, just few km away from Veliko Turnovo. The village was established in 16 century. At the time the village was established, Veliko Turnovo was the capital of Bulgaria. The name of the village came from Bozana – a prominent Bulgarian woman who was one of the first inhabitants there.

While walking on the small streets of Bojencite, you feel like time has stopped and you are back in 16 century, surrounded by the small houses with stone roofs and wonderful green gardens. All houses are in the same old style, and it is not allowed to build a new house in a different style. The air is so fresh and clean, that it makes your sleep sound and refreshing. Taste the great Bulgarian food in the restaurants, and do not forget to order Shopska salad – the typical Bulgarian salad.

Enjoy Bojencite in the Gallery below, and if you visit Bulgaria, do not miss this hidden magical place.

For more information about the village you can visit:

Text and photography: Sylvia Trifonova

All copyrights reserved. 


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