gallery Rome in black and white

It has always been my dream to travel to the eternal city, and I was postponing this magical trip for many years just to find the right moment and person to make it. And as appeared I chose just the right moment, and together with the wonderful trip this was also a new beginning in my life.

We started the trip from Abu Dhabi with Etihad Airways. Usually I am scared to fly but with this airline I feel secure and the journey was wonderful. Once we started the landing in Rome, I though – one more dream is coming true just now.

We had 14 days to straw around Rome, as well as few days in Umbria in order to relax and get some fresh air before the new adventures. The hotel was just next to the Vatican and to be honest was pretty expensive for the small room we had. But the place it was situated was just in the right spot, and from the terrace bar we could see the Vatican just in front of us. The view was romantic and breathtaking.

For the next one week we explored Rome and saw its main attractions during the day. The ancient buildings during the day and small lively restaurants during the evenings made us exhausted and at the same time very happy. We walked everywhere and as this was September, was not very hot and enjoyed the days to the full. Rome is a year round touristic destination, but in summer is really hot (well not for me the desert creature) so you should avoid the city during this season.

Looking at my photographs I recall all the spots we visited, the Coliseum, the Roman Forum, a lot of cathedrals, Navona, Trevi fountain, Trastevere, Spanish Steps and many many more. I captured in photos a lot of magnificent views. Here I have transformed them in black and white pictures, as I want to present you Rome from a different angle. I captured more then 1000 views, and when ever I miss Rome, I open them and the eternal city is with me again, with the millions of tourists, all day long noise, as well as different smells from each corner – the smell of the old buildings, the tasty pizzas, or aromatic coffee.

When I travel I like to observe the local people, and of course now the Italian people were on my sight. I can frankly say that they are very open, friendly and smiling people, ready to teach you italian language and talking a lot. This is true, most of the Italians like to speak a lot! And they have style and class, most of them well dressed up, nothing to be surprised as Italy is the homeland of Fashion. In some places the Italians we spoke to, could not speak English, but this fact did not bothered us at all, because they were smiling so charmingly that you can never be angry at them.

The food was so TASTY! Specially after coming from the desert, where we never have fresh fruits and vegetables. Just after you taste the Italian food, you can say that even only for the food, this trip was worth the long travel. If you have lunch or dinner at the main sightseeing spots, do not be surprised by the high bill presented to you in the end. But if you stumble upon the nice and charming restaurants that only local people know, you will be lucky to have cheap and tasty italian dinner.

I will not mention the high end italian fashion brands, once I am lucky to visit Milan will post detailed article on this topic 🙂

For overnight in Rome, I would recommend Villa Magnolia Relais, charming family hotel, with extremely friendly staff, and modern rooms. We stayed there two nights, the manager was very helpful and friendly. This is their web site:

Enjoy the photographs and if you have never visited Rome, maybe this year is the time.


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